Enterprise IT as a Service


To stay ahead, the Air Force needed to reinvent their measurement methodology for enterprise IT services. 



Objectively validate that enterprise-scale IT services were delivered with ever-improving quality,  speed, and resilience at sustainable cost. 

USAF mission is served when Airmen and Guardians
are served diligently & cost effectively. 


We provided the Air Force with a strategy that evaluated and streamlined a repeatable metrics methodology that captured the end-to-end performance of IT services, including human capital and process reorganization, product analysis, enterprise acquisition tactics, and sourcing strategies. 

As a first step, we conducted extensive user research to include in-person user interviews, survey research, user journeys,  and persona development.  We followed this critical baselining tactic with the development of a comprehensive and strategic IT performance measurement framework to serve as the foundation for continuous improvement at scale.  With that measurement framework in place, we proved and socialized the concept of automating the capture and visualization of once-elusive insights that gave AF decision-makers the intelligence they needed to evaluate the impact that enterprise IT services were having on user experience and the mission at large.  We presented analyses of data that went beyond vendor siloes and provided both lubricant and glue to the complex, interdependent workings of IT.