MobileConnect was designed from the ground up as a secure BYOD solution that requires no device management profiles. The MobileConnect app is available for public download on the Apple and Google app stores as well as through TAG and PUMA. Download and registration are designed to be a guided experience with no training or external documentation necessary.


Until recently, Secure Content system access has only been available to personnel with Common Access Card (CAC) ownership, which involved a physical way to insert a card into a computer in order to get the appropriate authorization. This made it difficult for others who needed to access to these systems but either did not have their CAC available or did not have the ability to get one.

Secure content on your BYOD


Third Party Authentication providers charge per user / per year, which could lead to a multi-million-dollar amount spent yearly just for authentication. By building a custom solution for user authentication, the Army has not only saved money on subscriptions, but are also able to closely monitor and quickly respond to any type of incidents, apply feature enhancements to fit their needs, get metrics and support for their users and keep control of user access at the most granular level, all for free.