Isobar’s approach to cybersecurity moves beyond compliance to continuous integration of security into all layers of the application stack.

Service Offerings

We take a continuous Authority to Operate approach with Department of Defense grade security practices and controls implemented across multiple layers, including strategy, operations and development.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Event & Incident Response

Strategy & Architecture

Secure System Development

Secure by Design

Instead of a barrier to great customer experiences, cybersecurity can and should be an enabler. Isobar takes this approach with many of our digital programs. We begin by developing a secure strategy and architecture designed with NIST-based security controls across all layers of the architecture, including data, infrastructure, platform and software. With a security design built into the product, we then use secure system development practices to build software and apply a continous ATO process that constantly monitors and operates environments.

Implementing Zero Trust

Isobar has architected secure cloud and application solutions for the Department of Defense. Using zero trust and defense in depth principles, we’ve achieved Authority to Operate status for major programs across the Department of Defense and civilian government.

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Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands, Isobar combines research, experience strategy and design capabilities that produce measurable change.

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Building digital programs and products that reach millions of consumers requires the orchestration of multiple skillsets and capabilities, often integrating new capabilities with legacy technologies and processes.

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Isobar’s “fifth pillar” of digital, Adoption is often overlooked but is also the key to building lasting results and digital systems with “stickiness” and high customer satisfaction.

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Isobar’s engineering practice is founded on the application of technology to solve mission problems.

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