Experience Design & Strategy

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands, Isobar combines research, experience strategy and design capabilities that produce measurable change.

Service Offerings

We base our products and portfolios on customer journeys and service design methods that drive the production of interfaces, features and design systems. We build iterative testing and continuous feedback into each system.

Research & Measurement

Experience Strategy

UI/UX Design

Customer Experience

Experience-Driven Transformation

While many digital transformations are tech-driven, Isobar practices an experience-driven transformation approach that is rooted in user research. We apply behavioral research methods and ethnographic tools to define the customer archetypes, which ultimately shapes the future state experiences and touchpoints. With this strategic framework, Isobar’s experience design team works in tandem with agile engineering teams to design, build and test interfaces and features from inception to minimum viable product. We infuse modern design principles and use experience measurement tools to gauge impact and determine effectiveness.

Delivering Mission Success

We’ve been hired by some of the world’s most recognized brands as well as high-profile government partners because we understand how to design immersive experiences and get the most out of technologies and platforms.

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Isobar’s approach to cybersecurity moves beyond compliance to continuous integration of security into all layers of the application stack.

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Building digital programs and products that reach millions of consumers requires the orchestration of multiple skillsets and capabilities, often integrating new capabilities with legacy technologies and processes.

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Isobar’s “fifth pillar” of digital, Adoption is often overlooked but is also the key to building lasting results and digital systems with “stickiness” and high customer satisfaction.

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Isobar’s engineering practice is founded on the application of technology to solve mission problems.

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